Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

Destination: Nuwara Eliya
Distance to CMB: 180 km / 4 h.
Distance to airport: 190 km / 4 h.

Nuwara Eliya


Nuwara Eliya was home away from home for the british colonialist in the 19th century. This city with an elevation of 1893m is the highest in Sri Lanka.

Hemmed in by three of the highest mountains in the country; Piduruthalagala, the Great Western and Hakgala, the city looks very isolated. Yet it's just a four hour drive from Colombo.

The Nuwara Eliya golf links, is said to be one of the finest golf courses in the asia pacific region. Other recreation activities include horse riding, fishing, camping and of course trekking. Thanks to the cool climes this is one city where you can never work up a sweat.
The higher elivations are covered with lush green forests - rapidly being destroyed by combination of selfish politician ans ignorant citizens of Nuwara Eliya itself.

The lower elevations are covered with what seems at first site to be a plush green carpet. On closer inspection these turns out to be thousands of tea bushes freshly plucked. For this is the tea growing country, and the land of elegent plantation bungalows.
Travellers from the UK will be particularly attracted by the architechture which is decidedly Victorian. Even modern buildings are build in the same fashion to preserve Nuwara Eliya's unique atmosphere.










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