Fauna & Flora Study Tours in Sri Lanka

Fauna & Flora Study Tours

For those especially interested in a more in-depth study of Sri Lanka 's rich and diverse flora and fauna, we can arrange tours with specialist guides in a variety of different locations all around the island. In terms of flora, the wet zone is one of the best places to explore due to its huge variety of spectacular orchids, hardwood trees (including ebony, teak and silkwood), and many plants used in Sri Lankan ayurvedic medicine. Sri Lanka 's central hill country is home to some fascinating cloud and dwarf (pygmy) forests as well as extensive grassland areas (such as the famous HORTON PLAINS NATIONAL PARK ).

Even the dry zone, though usually arid, can erupt with colour after a spell of rain. Sri Lanka's fauna is equally diverse, with a total of 86 mammal species (including primates, predatory animals and ungulates), 83 species of snake, 54 species of fish and 5 endangered species of marine turtle (see REKAWA ). Of particular interest may be the rising number of leopards that have been spotted in WILPATTU NATIONAL PARK.











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