Horse Riding in Sri Lanka

Horse Riding


This island has an amazing variety of landscapes ranging golden beaches, paddy field, jungles, plains, rivers, streamlets, mountains and hills. Unlike traditional tours, Sri Lanka Riding Holidays explore the rural life of Sri Lanka, which are not included in regular tours.


The Marwari are renown for their amazing versatility and endurance. An endearing breed, they were imported from Rajastan, India solely for riding holidays. The Marwari first came to the island during the time of the ancient kinds.

Now in a time of fallen kingdoms they still inspire the imaginations of poets and hearts of normal men. These majestic horses, are quick in their movements and are well known for their dexterity and are masters dance and entertainment.

A desert breed that is now thriving in a tropical climate, the Marwari have amazing stamina in all terrain; adapting with ease to galloping on the golden sands of Sri Lanka, trotting in the high mountains amongst the tea estates and prancing across paddy fields in the lowlands.

Unique to the breed is the fifth gait-the revaal, which is a surprise to many a rider but by far the most comfortable ride over long distance for any equestrian passenger.



Bentota beach is popular for its wide sandy spaces, which allow for a long comfortable ride on one of the famous beaches on the islands. The waves crashing nearby, the sand shimmering under the hooves and the wind tugging at your hair-the recipe for an island paradise. It is complete with the sandy inclines, occasional shell vendors and towering coconut trees.


Famous for its rubber plantations, Mathugama is an amazing retreat from the bustle of Colombo. This small town offers a relaxing ride over inclines and hills, on gravel roads and through rubber plantations.


Once the home of some of the significant heroes of Sri Lankan history, Thissamaharama offers long rides through paddy fields, banana plantations, jungles and villages. Sightings of horses are often greeted with friendly laughter and offers of treats whilst children run to inform friends of the oncoming visitors. This is an area that offers many archeological and cultural attractions, one of which is the famous Katharagama Hindu Kovil (Temple).


The largest wildlife reserve in South East Asia boasts its repertoire of leopards, bears, elephant, deer, rabbits and peacocks, amongst its many inhabitants. This ride follows through lakeside, paddy fields, bush jungles and villages to arrive at the outskirts of the famous wild life reserve.


Named after the scenic waterfall it is famous for, the ride explores a Sri Lankan jungle, treks over hills and crosses streams, whilst passing through a bird sanctuary en route to the Ella Adventure Park


Nuwara Eliya is by no doubt the equine capital of the island. This little town attracts many to its annual horse races and golf tournaments. The ride covers tea plantations and breath taking areas of natural beauty which makes Sri Lanka's own ‘Little England' unique.


Famed for its cave temples depicting the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Dambulla has breathtaking routes to explore the wide sweeping grassy and scenic landscapes in which the local village are located. Rivers and streamlets are part of this ride through paddy fields and elephant country.


Sigiriya has attached to its vivid history a tale of lust for power, feud between brothers of royal blood, and an amazing and little known victory due mainly to horses on the battlefield. Termed the "Eight Wonder of the World", Sigiriya is a fortress made entirely this world famous fortress, through villages and jungle to arrive at the fortress itself.






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