Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka

Wildlife Safaris

Srilankan Expedition operates out of TEN of Sri Lanka 's major National Parks to offer the maximum wildlife safari opportunities for viewing the country's diverse wildlife of the 86 species of mammal, pride of place goes to the magnificent Elephant - the second largest terrestrial mammal surviving today. These fascinating animals can be seen with relative ease in most of the parks, in large herds of extended families as well as lone males. Sri Lanka is also famous for the beautiful solitary Leopard, best sighted at dawn or dusk when these adaptable predators come down from the shade of the trees to hunt.

Other predatory animals which can be found in Sri Lanka include the sloth bear, golden jackal and mongooses. Primates such as common langurs and a wide variety of monkeys (such as the endemic macaque, purple faced leaf monkey and shaggy bear monkey) demonstrate their remarkable agility by swinging from branch to branch, often in huge troops. Our 4WD jeep safaris take place in the early morning and late afternoon/evening - the optimum times for wildlife observations. All vehicles are checked before each safari in line with National Tour Operator safety standards.

N.B. Vehicles are prohibited inside the HORTON PLAINS NATIONAL PARK where we can offer wildlife observations on foot instead.











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