Destination: Bandarawela
Distance to CMB: 195 km / 5 h.
Distance to airport: 220 km / 5 h.



Bandarawela is one of the major tea producing areas in Sri Lanka since British colonial era.

The pretty hillside region of KITAL-ELLA (near BANDARAWELA ), one of the prime eco tourism locations, is named after the Sinhalese word for waterfall ("ella") and the Sri Lankan "kitul" tree. This mountainous region is situated approximately 10 km from Bandarawela town in a very attractive location overlooking the ‘Namunukula' mountain range. At an altitude of 1230 metres, the mountainous area has an extremely pleasant climate, with warm (but not humid) days and cool nights. The environment is remarkably varied with something to satisfy everyone's taste.

One can choose to wander through the lush tea plantations, misty mountains, paddy fields and vegetable plots, marvel at the many waterfalls of Sri Lanka or explore the dense forests of ‘pinas' trees. For the more adventurous, the area offers some fantastic bike and hiking trails with unbeatable views of the surrounding mountains and into the famous ‘Ella Gap'.






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