Destination: Dikwella
Distance to CMB: 180 km / 5 h.
Distance to airport: 210 km / 5 h.



Dikwella, which means long bridge, is a coastal town 22 km east of Matara.

Dickwella is not mentioned in any of the old guide books, because it only started to attract foreign visitors in recent decades after guesthouses and a hotel sprung up along the beach. Buddhist pilgrims have also started to frequent Dikwella in the last thirty years, for about 2km from the town on the road towards Beliatte is their real destination, the Wewurukannala Vihara, the location of the tallest Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. This is a seated image 50 metres high, which was completed in 1970. There is an eight-storey building behind that emphasizes the size of the statue. Inside is a staircase from which can be viewed comic strip paintings of the Buddha's life.

6km east of Dikwella at Kudawela there is a turning to the right that leads to a cliff where the only known blow-hole in Sri Lanka -and only one of a small number worldwide - is located. This spectacular natural phenomenon is known as Hoo-maniya, which is a rendering of the sound that it makes just before the water shoots up into the air. Water in a cave at sea level below the cliff is forced upwards through a fissure in the rock in high seas, especially during the southwest monsoon in June and July. After travelling several metres through the fissure to the top of the cliff, the water is then propelled into the air, sometimes to a height of 20 metres or more.





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