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About Us

Our Story

Absolute Sri Lanka is one of the leading business partners for the tour operators working in the tropical Sri Lanka. We are well established on the Czech and Slovak market, cooperating with the biggest tour operators, but worldwide spreading our services in the other countries. Absolute Sri Lanka is a travel management company here for you 24/7 hours a day, 7 days a week! With representation nationwide, we have created the finest network of professionals dedicated to making your dreams come true for the past 10 years. Be assured that each of our travel specialists are required to actually travel and experience firsthand the properties that they represent, allowing them to share details and knowledge that cannot be acquired elsewhere and may prove to be¬ essential to planning your customized vacation. Absolute Sri Lanka is able to create all your memories within your budget whether you are celebrating a holiday getaway, honeymoon, milestone event, anniversary, Destination Wedding, Group or reunion, Incentive for your business or just a quick getaway. This team of highly trained specialists, combined with the special promotions and pricing exclusively offered by Absolute, allows you the opportunity to experience the very best in service and personal attention in creating your travel of a lifetime! Remember Absolute Sri Lanka travels offers a Price Match Guarantee with the customer service you deserve.

Our offices located :

Sri Lanka
Czech Republic

In our effort to create unique holidays and package programme for travellers al over the world, we are cooperating with Sri Lanka Tourist Board. Together with them we are developing trails and holiday packages, which are respecting originality of the country, leading the client to unique locations that are worth seeing - the most important and exceptional elements of tropic natural and cultural heritage, the best of UNESCO, national parks, urban monument reserves, charming villages, excellent food and local delicacies.

As a partner of tour operators, we cooperate with the biggest travel agencies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We were able to increase number of Czech tourist and helped to start charter flight on Maldives. Considering achieved results on Maldives and on Sri Lanka, our activities in this area were promoted also in magazines such as National Geography, Cosmopolitan, Dolce Vita, Harpers Bazaar, BMW magazine, Ocean Sirius.

Our Services

  • marketing, public relationship and logistic advising programme and support for tour operators.
  • holiday packages, round trips and programme.
  • Private tailormade tours.
  • accommodation for individuals and groups.
  • transfers and transportation.
  • guide services.
  • Any kind of activities (air, ground and water)
  • Wild life safaris and bird watching
  • restaurants and entertainment.
  • active holidays and adventure tours.
  • research educational tour congresses and incentive programme.
  • Student excursion tours.
  • excursions (tea factories, batik, plants).
  • cruises.

Our Goal

Our intent is to create marketing, public relationship and logistic support in Sri Lanka and to act competitive in the environment of services as a reliable, flexible and creative company with maximum willingness to fulfil the needs of its partners and clients on the way to mutual success.

Through our promotion and public relationship activities we try to communicate with general public and our long-term goal is intensive developing of the sustainable quality travel.

With its vibrant colours, intriguing culture and diverse landscapes, tropical island nation Sri Lanka, holds many secrets just waiting to be discovered. This is where we come in to guide you through this paradise. Having over 10 years of experience in travel industry our goal is to give something off the beaten path for travellers all around the world. Am sure you must have heard this from almost all travel companies, so don't take our word for it, Come and check our capability of providing you with the best holiday plan you can get in Sri Lanka. Knowing the time differences between countries, we don't mind staying extra hours at the office and assisting you with your travel needs. Before we started this journey, we did quite a lot of observations and researches around Sri Lanka to experience ourselves the way of travelling and gather key facts of how to create that unique holiday plan, so that we would know just how you feel when you travel here. Sri Lanka is considered as one of the smallest countries but no one has managed to travel and cover every spot here. There are more mysterious to be solved so Let's reveal them, together shall We ……….?

We Don’t book vaccations, We book experiences !